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Clean the Bahamas


  • Member of the Save The Earth Cooperative Bahamas Natural Resources Foundation
  • Let’s Keep The Bahamas Clean, was launch when I constructed my home  in the Glendale subdivision it was a derelict war zone there, and today I’m still having trouble maintaining a clean environment there. There are  from time to time a side road  chop shop always pop up. It’s like we don’t have no law and order in the Bahamas. We have no member of Parliament who represents this constituency to put measures in place to eradicate this vexing problem in that community , so we the citizens who want change have to be the change, Bahamians “Let’s fix the Bahamas”.


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 Conchalay Conchalar Seafood – Grand Opening (Coming July 2021 – Stay Tuned) 


World Cleanup Day – September 18,2021 – Lets’s Do It 242 Bahamas

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From a follower on social media 


No my brother thank you !!! 

Thank you for your service and your sacrifice to the people of this Country Drew,  both directly and indirectly Bro. 

See most people DON’T KNOW like some of us do, of Your selflessness,  your love, and determination for a cleaner, better and brighter  Bahamas.

 Your drive has literally taken you around the world on behalf of this country, and from what I know Bro. With no help from anyone but GOD !!! Bro, Even while facing trying family times you never quit, never complained never gave up !!! 

I know you would not have wanted me to go there bro but you started this…. We need to thank you not the other way around.

It’s person like you that are overlooked when we look for Heroes. .smt 

I am very proud to have you as Friend Ma Boi 

Your prize is at the end of this race Bro. 

I don’t think I’m alone when I say Thank you Sir  on behalf of all whom you’ve fought for in the past and even now.

An even bigger THANK YOU to your lovely wife.


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Free delivery over $20.00 within 6 mile radius of Marathon 

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Conchalay Conchalar Seafood will be adding 2 additional boats in the summer of 2021

Conchalay Conchalar Seafood FAQs

How can I place an order? Online or by phone

How can I pay for the order? We accept all major Credit cards, and cash

What type of delivery options are available? In order to get deliveries on the same day ALL ORDERS must be placed by 12:00 PM EST Mon – Saturday

How far can you deliver? Nassau and Paris Island

Can I order in advance? Yes

How much is the delivery Fee? $5.00 for anything over 6 miles radius and $10.00 for Paris Island

When are deliveries made? Deliveries Mon – Fri 6PM – 9PM  Sat – 3PM – 7PM

What days are you open? We are on Mon – Fri 9AM – 5PM Sat 12PM – 5PM Closed – Sun

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