Conchalay Conchalar Seafood

husband | environmental activist | fisherman

It all started over 30 years ago when I bought my first boat , living in Freeport grand Bahama, diving 

out of west end , being a local fishermen where I ventured into the Conch vending business and that’s where

 the name “Conchalay Conchalar” was created. Freeport is my Second home, I spent 17 years of my life in Freeport

 and the majority of that   time  I spent fishing, in the Bahamas to know someone you have to check their background ,we have a small population , so your name is all that you stand on , your name speaks for you .

Because of a bad economy in Freeport, everyone started moving to make a better life for themselves in the Bahamas and because of the population you need repeat customers to maintain a successful business. I ended up moving to Nassau, where I met my Beautiful wife in 2005, she is my right hand in all my ventures in life and now she is a part of it. My wife and I are friends, we are a team together, she is my Business partner, and now we are moving this venture into a Global Arena.

On my return from Freeport after 17 years to my birth island , I saw something was different, and it seemed that the way that I grew up had changed, and the island looks like a war zone. The Island it was dirt with old abandon, Derelict Vehicles  which can be seen all over the Street’s of Nassau, especially in the over the hill communities. So I ask my family members what’s going on in Nassau , all they say is that the government moves to slow on major issues and in 2012 when I started building my house , my activism kick off, because I didn’t want to live in a subdivision that was full of derelict vehicles, So I’m a husband , environmental activist , and a fisherman that’s who Conchalay is and I’m working to Serve you.

I say to you,  Let’s Fix The Bahamas!